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California Human Trafficking statement

California Human Trafficking

Committed to ethical supply chain practices

Air King is dedicated to ensuring that all of our vendors conform to the ethical treatment of their employees.


Disclosure regarding our efforts to address the issue of slave labor and human trafficking in our supply chain.

Air King is working to prevent human trafficking and slavery in its supply chain. Employees who are responsible for supply chain management are authorized to terminate business relationships if necessary and will be trained on how to identify and respond to forced labor and human trafficking. Suppliers are prohibited from using prison, forced, bonded, or child labor, and must provide a work environment free from physical punishment of any kind. Suppliers' employees must be free to leave manufacturing facilities and not be subjected to unreasonable restrictions on their movements. Suppliers' employees must be free to terminate their employment at will. Employee work hours must be limited to those authorized by applicable laws. Rates of pay must comply with the national laws of the countries in which the suppliers do business.

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