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California Title 24

California Tilte 24

California Title 24 (CALGreen) Standards Effective as of January 1, 2011

In addition to the current standards Section 4.506 now states:


Bathroom exhaust fans. Mechanical exhaust fans which exhaust directly from bathrooms shall comply with the following:

1. Fans shall be ENERGY STAR® compliant and be ducted to terminate outside the building.
2. Unless functioning as a component of a whole house ventilation system, fans must be controlled by a humidistat which shall be readily accessible. Humidistat controls shall be capable of adjustment between a relative humidity range of 50 to 80 percent.

Note: For the purposes of this section, a bathroom is a room which contains a bathtub, shower or tub/shower combination.


What is Air King doing to meet the new standards?
This is the great part, all of Air King's ENERGY STAR certified exhaust fans already meet this standard as long as they are used with a model DH55 humidistat control switch. The DH55 allows the controls to be readily accessible and capable of humidity adjustment from 20% to 80%.

In addition, Air King offers many models that feature an integrated humidistat:
Exhaust Fans

Air King Fan/Light models do not curretnly meet the new California Lighting standards.


What is California Title 24?
"The Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings were established in 1978 in response to a legislative mandate to reduce California's energy consumption. The standards are updated periodically to allow consideration and possible incorporation of new energy efficiency technologies and methods."2 As it pertains to ventilation, it provides minimum standards for the performance of the products that may be used, especially when a light combination unit is to be a part of the installation.


What are the basics?
The California Title 24 standard is a building energy efficiency standard. To comply with part 6, better performing exhaust fans and energy efficient lighting must be used. All exhaust fans must utilize a 4" or larger duct, and incorporate specific ventilation requirements from ASHRAE 62.2. When using an exhaust fan with light, it must use high efficacy lighting with an energy input limit of 40 watts or less. Section 11 of Title 24 known as CALGreen, requires that all exhaust fans utilized in bathrooms or other rooms of the home be ENERGY STAR certified. CALGreen also requires exhaust fans installed in bathrooms (defined as a room with a tub or shower) to be controlled by a readily available humidistat.


Solutions to meet your Style and Budget
Air King has one of the most extensive offerings of exhaust fans that can be used to comply with the Title 24 requirements on the market today with solutions to meet almost any ventilation need your home might have. Air King's Title 24 solutions are simple, economical and designed to improve indoor air quality by providing efficient and quiet operation, making them the SMART CHOICE.


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