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Baffle Filters RF34S RF35S RF55S CF-01SGF-01SCF-06S, CF-08GF-06S, GF-08CF-09. CF-10GF-09, GF-10 BCCF-01BCCF-02, BCCF-03 BCGF-01 PBG

Range Hood Filters

Model Type Use With
RF34S Charcoal Odor Filter DS, AV Series
RF35S Aluminum Grease Filter DS, AV, AR, AX Series
RF55S Combination Grease/Odor Filter AD Series
CF-01S Combination Grease/Odor Filter ESAP, ESDQ, ESADA, DQ Series
GF-01S Aluminum Grease Filter ESAP, ESDQ, ESADA, DQ Series
  Combination Grease/Odor Filter DQ24 Series
  Aluminum Grease Filter DQ24 Series
CF-06S Charcoal Odor Filter QZ2 Series
GF-06S Aluminum Grease Filter QZ2 Series
CF-08 Charcoal Odor Filter ESQZ Series
GF-08 Aluminum Grease Filter ESQZ Series
CF-09 Charcoal Odor Filter 30" AB, EB Series
GF-09 Aluminum Grease Filter 30" AB, EB Series
CF-10 Charcoal Odor Filter 36" AB, EB Series
GF-10 Aluminum Grease Filter 36" AB, EB Series
BCCF-01 Charcoal Odor Filter Barcelona® Collection
BCCF-02 Combination Grease/Odor Filter ESVAL, VAL Series
BCCF-03 Combination Grease/Odor Filter ESSEV, SEV Series
BCGF-01 Aluminum Grease Filter Barcelona® Collection
PGB-01 Grease Baffle Professional Series
PGB-02 Grease Baffle Professional Series
PGB-03 Grease Baffle Professional Series
GF1030 Aluminum Grease Filter AP1030, APF1030
GF1036 Aluminum Grease Filter AP1036, APF1036
GF1830 Aluminum Grease Filter AP1830, APF1830
GF1836 Aluminum Grease Filter AP1836, APF1836
AP1830BK Grease Baffle Kit AP1830, APF1830
AP1836BK Grease Baffle Kit AP1836, APF1836


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