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Fire Rated Wood Frame Exhaust Fan
UL263 and UL555C Fire Rated Exhaust Fan Solutions
UL263 Wood Frame
Are you sure you have the right exhaust fan for the job?

Air King Fire Rated Exhaust Fans are currently UL Listed for the greatest number of wood frame truss designs. If your current ventilation fan does not have a truss design number - it is NOT rated for wood frame construction.


Not all Fans are Created Equal.
Life Safety Professionals work hard to develop and enforce building codes to eliminate or reduce potential threats. Nothing can be more frustrating and sometimes more costly than not having the correct product to comply with the building code for your project.

Wood is a Combustible Material.
When you’re building a multi family residential project using wood frame construction you’ll need to comply with stringent requirements to prevent the spread of fire. These are likely to include the use of fire rated products for ceiling penetrations such as bathroom exhaust fans. Air King Fire Rated Fans have been tested and are UL Listed for use in wood frame construction and have been successfully tested by UL in more truss designs than any major manufacturer. You will see competitor certifications that will say “For use in any fire resistive Floor or Roof-Ceiling assembly”. That doesn’t necessarily mean UL listed for wood frame construction. Wood construction is NOT fire resistive; wood is a combustible material that fire fighters usually consider fuel. The UL requirement for Listing in this case requires mounting and testing of the fan in each approved truss design above an actual fire. You know you have the right product for the application when the manufacturer provides the truss design numbers for which the product was tested. No design number - Not UL Listed for wood frame construction. Air King Fire Rated Fans on the other hand are currently UL Listed for the greatest number of wood frame truss designs. Be sure you have the right product and save yourself a lot of time and trouble by starting with Air King.

What Wood Frame Construction Truss Designs are Air King Fire Rated Fans UL Listed for?
L501, L502, L503, L506, L507, L508, L512, L513, L514, L515, L516, L517, L519, L522, L523, L533, L537, L545, L581, L583

Solutions to meet your Style and Budget.
Air King has one of the most extensive offerings of Fire Rated ventilation products on the market today with solutions to meet almost any ventilation need you might have. Air King's solutions are simple, economical and designed to improve indoor air quality by providing efficient and quiet operation, making them the SMART CHOICE.

View Air King's full line of UL263 and UL555C Listed ENERGY STAR® Qualified Fire Rated Exhaust Fans or Air King's Economical Fire Rated Exhaust Fan Solutions.

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