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A trend in the exhaust fan market is for automated ventilation. This is giving the fan the ability to automatically turn on and off depending on the location and usage.

MOTION SENSING: The Air King Motion Sensing Fans detect movement in the room and turns on until the room is vacated. Once vacated the fan will run for a preset amount of time (30 seconds to 80 minutes).

HUMIDITY SENSING: The Air King Humidity Sensing Fans detect a rise in the humidity level of the room and turn the fan on until the humidity level returns to the preset level (up to 80% relative humidity. Humidity sensing is also a key component to CALGreen compliance.

So why do I need this?
Ventilation is an important element to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). When a shower or bathtub is used it adds a significant amount of moister to the the room. Having an exhaust fan installed is only half the battle. If it isn't turned on, it doesn't do much good. With the fan turning on automatically, you can be assured that proper ventilation is happening each time the room is used. Air King's ECO Series and ECO Series with Light series provides this function while operating at the lowest sound level possible.

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