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What is one of the top contributors of indoor air pollution? Your kitchen. Think about it. When you cook, pollutants in the form of fumes, grease, smoke and more are being released into the air. Your furnace, water heater and most other systems in your home have a vent that takes pollutant out of the home and away from the air you breath. The cook top can sometime be the forgotten area. There are many reasons why a range hood is not installed or is not used, but to instantly improve your Indoor Air Quality start using one now.

So what should I install?
The best way to improve your IAQ is to completely remove the contaminants from the living space. This means a range hood that exhausts to the outside. There are range hoods that recirculate the air through a grease and charcoal odor filter but these should be installed only if it is not possible to vent to the outside. A major factor as to why range hoods are not used is the sound level. We can't disagree with this, but Air King has the solution with a full line of quiet range hoods that are also ENERGY STAR® qualified. With normal operating sound levels at about the same level as your refrigerator makes Air King removes the main objection.

What should I do now?
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