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UL 263

What is UL263 and UL555C?
UL263 and UL555C as it concerns Air King products refer to classification for Fire Rated Exhaust Fans from Underwriters Labratories (UL). UL is a certification company that test and certifies products to ensure their safe usage.

When constructing multi family homes almost all codes call for some type of fire resistance. When it comes to exhaust fans, this is done in the form of fire dampers. Typically the damper will be integrated into the housing of the fan. These dampers help to prevent the spread of fire through ducting.

What does Air King Do?
Air King offers some of the most extisively tested solutions on the market. The key factor with Air King is that they are rated for wood frame constructions. Many fans on the market today advertise "Fire Rated" but when it comes down to it, they are not classified for the type of building they are being installed into. UL tests and classifies fire rated fans according to the truss design. Each design has a number. If the fan does not have a number it is NOT clasified for that wood frame installation. To see the truss designs Air King's exhaust fans are classified for - click here.

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