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Be sure electricity is turned off at the main fuse box before cleaning or servicing. Clean the plastic cover by removing from unit and using a damp cloth with mild detergent. Never use abrasive pads or scouring powders. Completely dry the cover before replacing. The inside of the chime can be vacuumed when build up (dirt, lint, etc.) accumulates over time.

Instruction sheets can be downloaded from this web site. Please go to the "Product Information" section and navigate to your particular model or use the search feature at the top of the page to type in your model number.

Two conductor bell wire.

Painting an Air King Chime will not effect the performance of the chime, but there are inherent difficulties associated with painting a plastic product. If you do paint your chime, make sure to only paint the chime cover and remove it from the body before painting. DO NOT paint any components inside of the chime.

Yes. To accomplish this you will need to add a pushbutton and increase the size of the transformer. For two entry systems, use Air King model AK16 transformer.

1. Check that there is power to the chime. The most common trouble is the circuit breaker is off / there is a blown fuse, or if your fan is controlled by a wall switch, that the switch is off. 2. Turn off power at the main circuit board and make sure all wiring is properly connected.

Replacement parts can be ordered from the parts department by calling 1-800-465-7300 Monday thru Thursday 8am to 4pm, Friday 8am to 3pm Eastern Standard Time.