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Homes of the future

From time to time Air King has the opportunity to participate in a model home project. These projects are typically ones that a builder or design group uses as a way to showcase the latest technologies in a real-world setting. Air King had the privilege to participate in the KB Home Projekt (yes it is spelled Projekt) called Where Tomorrow Lives.

As the designer puts it – “KB Home Projekt: Where tomorrow lives, is research and development on steroids, pulling together a dream team of experts, first to imagine, and then to design, engineer, and build a home whose structure and systems deliver real-time responsiveness, nimbleness and adaptability, energy and water use conservation, and health and well-being features, functionality, and measures.”

One thing that can happen with these projects is they are so over-the-top that they are unattainable. Sure the technology in the home is great, but not everyone has millions of dollars to spend on it. While there are some things you might not see in your everyday house tours, KB designed this house to be within reach of many families. At the base of the project, it is about creating a better living environment using the technology available. When you strip away some of the extra bells and whistles – yes we are talking about having your own robot roaming around the house, almost all the technology is within reach. Using things such as Google home takes existing products and incorporates them into the home. KB is not recreating the wheel by creating new systems, they are simply making existing products and systems all work together.

In past blogs, we have talked about the importance of indoor air quality and creating a healthy living environment so Air King was proud to be a sponsor of the home – providing the bathroom ventilation as well as the fresh air intake for the home. This home takes that same indoor air quality knowledge and incorporates it into a real-world setting.

KB envisions this project as being a blueprint for how to build healthy homes of the future for a multitude of budgets. They are breaking the mold for building homes the way that they have been built just because that is how we have done it for years and really looking to the future.

See what Jacob Atalla from KB has to say about Air King:

To learn more about the project, visit:

During this year’s CES (consumer electronics show), which is one of the largest shows in the country, Jennifer Jolly who is a USA Today Tech contributor took a tour of the home. You can see it at (sorry for ruining the surprise of the robot roaming around the house):

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