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Wait 12 Gallon Digital Flow-Through Furnace Mounted Humidifier

  • Wait 6000

Available in Canada only. The Wait Model 6000 Digital Flow-Through Furnace Mounted Humidifier features our unique Flow-Through Humidifier technology. The Flow-Through action provides a clean and effective way to humidify your home by constantly rinsing the evaporative pad. The rinsing action also reduces the number of times the evaporative pad needs to be replaced in comparison to a traditional furnace mounted humidifier.

  • 12 Gallon output per day humidifies up to 3200 square feet.
  • Digital controls located on the unit allow you to precisely set the humidification level, while also displaying the current level.
  • Easy left or right hand ducting with a built-in heat sensor.
  • No hard wiring to the furnace blower is necessary and no pans, drums or floats to clean or replace.
  • Uses evaporative pad model RF5000.
  • Requires a drain.


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