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Get ventilation sensitive – using a motion sensor with your exhaust fan

If you have spent any amount of time reading through our website or these blog posts, it is probably clear that we think (along with many organizations) that proper ventilation is a fairly big deal. A properly ventilated bathroom can benefit you and your home by removing odors and more importantly, humidity that can cause the build up of mold and mildew. A big issue is that the fan needs to be turned on to be effective. There are host of reasons why it doesn’t get turned on, but there is a way to override almost all of them – adding a motion sensor.

A motion sensor works by turning the exhaust fan on when it detects the room is being occupied. Once it no longer senses motion in the room, it will stay on for a preset amount of time and then turn off. It will run for longer than the room is occupied to make sure any residual steam or moisture from a shower is exhausted out of the room. The automation is the key part of this. There is nothing to turn on or off. This is especially great for rental properties where occupants might not be as diligent as you might want them to be with the ventilation of the home.

Adding a motion sensor can be done fairly easily. If you need to install a new fan or replace an existing one, there are many options that have a built in motion sensor. If replacing the fan is not something you need to do, motion sensing wall switches are available. These simply replace the current switch the fan is wired to.

Air King offers a built in motion sensing feature in the E series and D4 series exhaust fans. To see current options available, click here.

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