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Anatomy of Exhaust Fans

Learn all the components that make up an exhaust fan

Are you using your bathroom exhaust fan correctly?

Hopefully you not only know you have a bathroom exhaust fan, you are also using your bathroom exhaust fan

Get ventilation sensitive – using a motion sensor with your exhaust fan

There are host of reasons why the exhaust fan doesn’t get turned on

Is the Air Inside Your Home Safe to Breath? Part 2 – The Bathroom

The bathroom has it’s own set of challenges when it comes to indoor air quality

Is the Code Enough? Part 1

There is a commonly used four-letter word in the building industry that typically elicits a range of emotions – code.

Is the Code Enough? Part 3

Over the past few blog posts we have been looking at code compliance and the difference between meeting the code and exceeding the code.

Make the kitchen the ventilation center of the home – Continuous operation Range Hood

A continuous operation range hood has the two for one benefit

Rental season is here – is your ventilation ready for guests?

With a growing number of families owning rental properties…

Room-By-Room Home Audit – Part 1, The Bathrooms

When is the last time you sat and thought about your home’s efficiency or comfort?

Turn up the exhaust – using a two-speed exhaust fan

Lets take a look at exactly how a two-speed exhaust fan operates

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