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What’s Your Strategy For Fighting COVID?

We all wish there was a simple solution to fighting COVID as we are all about worn out. Unfortunately COVID is still here and while we have learned a lot, we are still not there yet. One issue is we need to look at fighting COVID as multiple layers rather than a “magic bullet”. What we mean is that just getting vaccinated or just wearing a mask isn’t going to fully protect you.

Think of it like walking in the rain. If you just go outside in the rain without any protection, you are going to get wet. If you try the good old newspaper over the head trick, you might keep the top of your head dry but the rest of you will be wet. Now add an umbrella and possibly your top half will stay dry. Next add a full-length rain jacket and you might keep your pants dry. Put on some rain boots and you are about as fully protected as you can get. Using all these items together gives you the best chance of staying dry.

We should be looking at COVID in the same manner. Being vaccinated is one layer of protection but it is not 100% full proof as we are currently seeing across the United States and the World. Wearing a mask as well as social distancing and limiting gatherings helps but is also not 100% full proof.

Now, we want to take a second and say, we are not here to debate vaccines, masks and so forth. We know this is a hot topic and our goal is to help everyone see how all these things can work together then leave the decision up to you.

Going back to our walking in the rain analogy. The umbrella might be a mask and the rain jacket might be a vaccination so what are the rain boots? Ventilation and filtration. Here is an earth shattering revelation. It is really hard to be infected with COVID if it is not present. We know – mind blowing. If we are able to remove the virus through proper ventilation while bringing in fresh filtered air, we just might be able to get ahead of this. While there has been debate as to if we should call COVID an airborne virus or not, almost everyone agrees that it is able to hang in the air for a considerably longer time than other viruses like the Flu. If that air is not moving, being exchanged or filtered then you have increased the chances of infection.

Adding exhaust fans, fresh air intake and filtration greatly decreases that risk. While we believe proper ventilation is a key factor in fighting COVID as with the other methods, it is not full proof. However, when you add it to a full strategy it provides a pivotal layer. At some point (and hopefully very soon) we will move past COVID but a good ventilation strategy will be one that will benefit your overall health for the long term in many ways.

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