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What Is Particulate Matter and Why Should I Be Concerned?

When talking about air quality, a term that has and continues to gain popularity is Particulate Matter

5 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Finding ways to improve your indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a hot topic.

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality

When dealing with viruses or something transmitted from person to person, monitoring the CO2 levels of a room can be very effective.

Do You Have a Fresh Air Strategy For Your Home?

Do you have a fresh air strategy for your home? Air King takes a look at some of the more popular solutions out there.

Indoor Air Quality Math

We bet you didn’t know Indoor Air Quality Math was a thing? Lets take a look at the number behind IAQ.

Asking the right questions when buying a home

When buying a home there are the standard questions that are asked

Sick Building Syndrome Solutions

A term that is being used a lot more these days is Sick Building Syndrome or SBS. What is Sick Building Syndrome?

The Air Exchange

On the surface air exchange is a fairly simple concept. Taking the air inside your home and replacing it (or exchanging it) with fresh outdoor air.

What is a Net Zero Home

A trend in the building industry is towards Net Zero homes. The goal of a Net Zero home is to be able to provide all the energy needed for the home without using outside sources.

Sound Perception

We are constantly surrounded by sound. It is all around us. We also have ways to measure sounds. Some people might be familiar with the term Sones.

Ventilation for Your Laundry Room? YES!

The laundry room can sometimes be a forgotten area of the home when it comes to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Check-In Then Check Your Indoor Air Quality

The Indoor Air Quality of the accommodations can have a direct effect on your comfort level.

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