AirKing Lasko B-Air Blue-dri

Am I Building Code Compliant?

Learn why building code compliance is important.

What is Air Exchanges Per Hour?

Air King explores how many air exchanges per hour you need for your home

The Code Game

Across the country builders, contractors, and home improvements professionals have a challenge they have to meet on projects – code compliance.

Vent it Local – Explaining Local Ventilation

Local ventilation is a very important component to your overall indoor air quality

Why Is My Exhaust Fan Always Running – Explaining Continuous Operation

A continuously operating exhaust fan provides a way to exhaust the stale air that builds up inside a home

Make the kitchen the ventilation center of the home – Continuous operation Range Hood

A continuous operation range hood has the two for one benefit

You’re outta here – removing contaminants from the home

An important element to maintaining Indoor Air Quality is removing

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