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How Does ENERGY STAR® Certified Ventilation Help?

Learn about the benefits of energy efficient products.

Fighting VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds are all around us in many of the products we use.

Want to Save Energy and a Few Dollars?

How do we save energy without spending a ton of money?

Am I Building Code Compliant?

Learn why building code compliance is important.

What is Air Exchanges Per Hour?

Air King explores how many air exchanges per hour you need for your home

Candles and Indoor Air Quality?

Candles can be a means of relaxation and in some cases even therapeutic but how do Candles and Indoor Air Quality mix?

Is the Indoor Air Safe Here?

Air King provides ways you can identify if the Indoor Air is safe where you are.

Making Sense of What Air Filter to Use

Air King clears up some of the confusion with Air Filters

Gas Stoves and Indoor Air Quality

Air King looks at what can be done to increase IAQ through proper ventilation

How Is the Air In Your Office or School?

What is your workplace or school doing to improve the health of the environment

Ventilation Past Present and Future

Air King looks back through the decades at innovators as well as where ventilation is heading

Home Contaminate Identification

Home contaminate identification is the first step on the path to improving it

When Is the Cooking Done?

A mistake a lot of us make is that we immediately turn off the ventilation system as soon as the food comes off the cooktop.

Do Fans Cool?

The topic of do fans cool is one that has been debated for decades.

Is Your Home Clean?

Many of us would say yes, for the most part it is clean.

What Makes Particulate Matter So Harmful?

A term that has gained popularity lately is particulate matter or as it is sometimes known – PM2.5.

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