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Is the Code Enough? Part 2

In our last post we highlighted codes around exhaust fan performance. In this post, we are going to look at kitchen ventilation, specifically range hoods.

Is the Code Enough? Part 1

There is a commonly used four-letter word in the building industry that typically elicits a range of emotions – code.

Its Show Time – 2020 International Builders Show

What do you call it when nearly 70,000 of your friends get together for a few days? The 2020 International Builders’ Show.

The Code Game

Across the country builders, contractors, and home improvements professionals have a challenge they have to meet on projects – code compliance.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Exhaust Fan

If you are looking to renovate a bathroom or are building a new one, something that can often get overlooked is…

Energy Vampires – Stop the Energy Drain

Halloween might be over but you could still have vampires hanging around your house and they are not looking for candy.

Ventilation for Your Laundry Room? YES!

The laundry room can sometimes be a forgotten area of the home when it comes to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Check-In Then Check Your Indoor Air Quality

The Indoor Air Quality of the accommodations can have a direct effect on your comfort level.

Problems with Allergies or Asthma – Check Your Indoor Air Quality

Say the word pollen in a room full of people and anyone that has…

The Air Filter Debate – Is Too Much Too Much?

Quick, when is the last time you changed the Air Filter of your HVAC system?

Rental season is here – is your ventilation ready for guests?

With a growing number of families owning rental properties…

The 50 CFM Exhaust Fan Dilemma

For most homeowners, the exhaust fan is that thing in the bathroom that makes a lot of noise…

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