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What’s Your Strategy For Fighting COVID?

Add ventilation and fresh air to a COVID fighting strategy.

CO2 Monitoring and Your Indoor Air Quality

CO2 monitors can be an effective tool in determining the level of ventilation and fresh air of a space.

Learning About Matching the Ventilation and Cooktop

Matching the ventilation and cooktop is an important consideration for IAQ

What Is Particulate Matter and Why Should I Be Concerned?

When talking about air quality, a term that has and continues to gain popularity is Particulate Matter

5 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Finding ways to improve your indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a hot topic.

Monitoring Indoor Air Quality

When dealing with viruses or something transmitted from person to person, monitoring the CO2 levels of a room can be very effective.

Do You Have a Fresh Air Strategy For Your Home?

Do you have a fresh air strategy for your home? Air King takes a look at some of the more popular solutions out there.

Indoor Air Quality Math

We bet you didn’t know Indoor Air Quality Math was a thing? Lets take a look at the number behind IAQ.

Top Energy Saving Investments

We are going to stop and take a look at some of the top energy saving investments you can make and put real numbers behind them.

Asking the right questions when buying a home

When buying a home there are the standard questions that are asked

Indoor Air Quality Products – What are the best options?

It seems like the entire world is talking about indoor air quality products…

Sick Building Syndrome Solutions

A term that is being used a lot more these days is Sick Building Syndrome or SBS. What is Sick Building Syndrome?

The Air Exchange is Now Open

While Indoor Air Quality is not a new concept, it is gaining a lot of attention and will have lasting positive effects moving forward.

Ventus – A Ventilation Story

When the typical person hears the word ventilation it can call to mind different pictures. For most it probably is thought of as a fairly new technology routed somewhere in the mind 1900’s.

The Air Exchange

On the surface air exchange is a fairly simple concept. Taking the air inside your home and replacing it (or exchanging it) with fresh outdoor air.

Saving Energy During a Pandemic

As working from home and schooling from home continues to be the norm, a side effect can be higher energy usage and bills.

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