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Reduce your carbon footprint – 10 easy steps to take today.

A lot has been written about carbon footprint and reducing the impact we have on the environment

Do I really need a kitchen range hood – YES!

A kitchen range hood provides a vital function for the safety of your home as well as the indoor air quality

Why do I need a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Bathroom exhaust fans provide a vital function to ensure the indoor air quality of your home

The mystery of the 3 prong cord

The grounding prong is an added safety feature that protects you in the case of a malfunction

To duct or not to duct – what type of range hood should I purchase?

A ducted type of range hood will exhaust the air through a grease filter then…

You know the filters in your range hood can be removed and cleaned – right?

Tips for keeping your range hood running properly

You know you can clean your exhaust fan from time to time – right?

Tips for keeping your exhaust fan running properly

The Choosing an Exhaust Fan Dilemma

So you are choosing an exhaust fan for your home. How hard can it be?

What in the world are Sones – how loud is my exhaust fan?

If you have looked into any type of ventilation products then you have probably come across the term Sones

Location, Location, Location – where is the best place to install an exhaust fan?

Seems like a fairly easy question that the exhaust fan should go in the bathroom

Are you using your bathroom exhaust fan correctly?

Hopefully you not only know you have a bathroom exhaust fan, you are also using your bathroom exhaust fan

Do you have energy monsters in your home – Unplug unused appliances

Stop for a minute and think about all the electronic items you have in your house

How does your attic measure up – Do you need more attic insulation?

What most of us neglect is the importance attic insulation can make

The trouble with kitchen range hoods – troubleshooting your range hood

There are many reasons that range hoods might start to have issues

The trouble with bathroom exhaust fans – troubleshooting your exhaust fan

There are many reasons that exhaust fan might start to have issues

Let your HVAC breath – Why it is important to change your air filter

hopefully you know it also has an air filter and that you know that you need to change your air filter

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