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Location, Location, Location – where is the best place to install an exhaust fan?

Seems like a fairly easy question that the exhaust fan should go in the bathroom

Are you using your bathroom exhaust fan correctly?

Hopefully you not only know you have a bathroom exhaust fan, you are also using your bathroom exhaust fan

Do you have energy monsters in your home – Unplug unused appliances

Stop for a minute and think about all the electronic items you have in your house

How does your attic measure up – Do you need more attic insulation?

What most of us neglect is the importance attic insulation can make

The trouble with kitchen range hoods – troubleshooting your range hood

There are many reasons that range hoods might start to have issues

The trouble with bathroom exhaust fans – troubleshooting your exhaust fan

There are many reasons that exhaust fan might start to have issues

Let your HVAC breath – Why it is important to change your air filter

hopefully you know it also has an air filter and that you know that you need to change your air filter

Don’t be a BigFoot – Reduce your carbon footprint

We can all benefit from learning how to reduce our carbon footprint

Control at the tip of your fingers – Use a programmable thermostat

With a programmable thermostat you can set the desired temperature and time

Duct, Duct, Duct, Insulate – Insulating Your Ductwork

By insulating your ductwork it does not allow the air flowing through it to cool fast enough to cause condensation

Clean-Up on aisle 5 – using fans to help dry floors

Using fans around the area, the force of the air rushing across the floor will speed the evaporation process

The light bulb revolution is on

If you have gone into your favorite home improvement store lately, you will notice that the light bulb aisle looks completely different.

A breath of Fresh Air – IAQ

Exchanging the stale air within the home with fresh air from outside is still the most effective way…

Do your bathroom exhaust fans sound like an Airplane? Time for new ones?

not using the exhaust fan in your home can cause…

This is a Smoke Free Area – Ventilating your kitchen

The kitchen can be one of the largest areas of indoor air pollution of the home

Just passing through – properly using a window fan

A window fan will exhaust the hot air out of the home and bring the cooler, fresh air into the home

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