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The mystery of the 3 prong cord

What is a 3 prong cord? The simple explanation is that it is a standard cord (sometimes referred to as a polarized plug) that includes a third grounding wire. The grounding prong is an added safety feature that protects you in the case of a malfunction within the appliance being used. You will see them used on many products but especially on products constructed with metal.

The grounding prong protects you in the case where one of the wires inside the product may come loose and come into contact with any of the metal. This will cause the electric current to flow through that metal. If you then touch any of the metal, you will get an electric shock that could be fatal. The grounding prong prevents this by sending the extra flow of electricity directly to ground. The circuit detects a surge of power and “trips” the circuit, stopping the flow of electricity to the unit. If you have ever had a product that trips the circuit every time you plug it in, it might be because there is a problem with the wiring of the product.

Some people will simply cut off the prong or use a cheater plug. While the unit will continue to work, you have now disabled an important safety feature of the unit. It may be able to operate for years that way, but is it really worth the risk to your home and family? A 3 prong cord is typically required in all commercial settings such as schools, offices, hospitals and so forth. All of Air King’s commercial and industrial products include three prong grounded cord sets. To learn more about Air King’s extensive line of commercial and industrial grade air circulating fans, visit the Air Circulating Fans section of this web site.

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