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Clean-Up on aisle 5 – using fans to help dry floors

You just finished washing the floor and the shine of a clean surface is glistening in the sunlight. A job well done. Then you hear it, the kids, the dog, your spouse. With cat like reflexes you protect the area yelling – THE FLOOR IS STILL WET! Then you see your family standing in the middle of the floor as they turn to you and say – what did you say?

Okay maybe it’s not that dramatic in your home, but there is an easy way to help the drying process. Have you ever considered using fans like a pivoting floor fan or utility fan to speed the drying process?  By using fans around the area, the force of the air rushing across the floor will speed the evaporation process along, drying the floor in a fraction of the time. Now getting them to remove their muddy shoes before coming in the house, unfortunately we can’t help with that. We’re a fan company not miracle workers.

The best fans for the job are ones where you can pivot the head of the fan down towards the floor. This way the airflow is going directly towards the wet floor. Just a note of caution – whenever you are using an electronic devise and water is involved, make sure the power cord and the fan are not sitting in any puddles of water. Also do not have the fan running while you are cleaning the floor to avoid any water splashing up into the motor area. Always check your owners manual for any additional warnings before using your fan.

Having a floor or utility fan in the home can be a great tool. Not only can you use it to help dry the floors, but it can also be used to circulate air throughout the home, help dry a damp basement or garage and many other uses. To learn more about Air King’s Utility Blowers and Pivoting Floor Fans, visit the Air Circulating Fans page of this web site.

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