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How Does ENERGY STAR® Certified Ventilation Help?

Learn about the benefits of energy efficient products.

Fighting VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds are all around us in many of the products we use.

Am I Building Code Compliant?

Learn why building code compliance is important.

Candles and Indoor Air Quality?

Candles can be a means of relaxation and in some cases even therapeutic but how do Candles and Indoor Air Quality mix?

Gas Stoves and Indoor Air Quality

Air King looks at what can be done to increase IAQ through proper ventilation

Home Contaminate Identification

Home contaminate identification is the first step on the path to improving it

Is Your Home Clean?

Many of us would say yes, for the most part it is clean.

What Makes Particulate Matter So Harmful?

A term that has gained popularity lately is particulate matter or as it is sometimes known – PM2.5.

Assessing Indoor Air Quality

What are things to look for when assessing the IAQ of a space?

Indoor Air Quality Math

We bet you didn’t know Indoor Air Quality Math was a thing? Lets take a look at the number behind IAQ.

Is the Code Enough? Part 1

There is a commonly used four-letter word in the building industry that typically elicits a range of emotions – code.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Exhaust Fan

If you are looking to renovate a bathroom or are building a new one, something that can often get overlooked is…

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