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Do I Need a Humidity Sensor For My Bathroom Fan

Air King helps you determine if a humidity sensor is right for you.

Do I Need Fresh Air?

Yes you need fresh air and Air King helps you with it.

My Exhaust Fan Isn’t Working Properly

Is your issue a mechanical or installation one – Air King can help.

Can I Use a Duct Reducer With My Exhaust Fan?

What are the issues with using a duct reducer

Anatomy of Kitchen Range Hoods

Learn all the components that make up kitchen range hoods

Anatomy of Exhaust Fans

Learn all the components that make up an exhaust fan

5 Ways to Improve Your Holiday Indoor Air Quality

Proper ventilation make the holidays better for everyone

A Tight Home Versus Proper Ventilation

Find the balance between a tight home and proper indoor air quality.

Fighting VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds are all around us in many of the products we use.

Am I Building Code Compliant?

Learn why building code compliance is important.

What is Air Exchanges Per Hour?

Air King explores how many air exchanges per hour you need for your home

Candles and Indoor Air Quality?

Candles can be a means of relaxation and in some cases even therapeutic but how do Candles and Indoor Air Quality mix?

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