Sick Building Syndrome Solutions

A term that is being used a lot more these days is Sick Building Syndrome or SBS. What is Sick Building Syndrome?

The Air Exchange is Now Open

While Indoor Air Quality is not a new concept, it is gaining a lot of attention and will have lasting positive effects moving forward.

Ventus – A Ventilation Story

When the typical person hears the word ventilation it can call to mind different pictures. For most it probably is thought of as a fairly new technology routed somewhere in the mind 1900’s.

The Air Exchange

On the surface air exchange is a fairly simple concept. Taking the air inside your home and replacing it (or exchanging it) with fresh outdoor air.

Its Show Time – 2020 International Builders Show

What do you call it when nearly 70,000 of your friends get together for a few days? The 2020 International Builders’ Show.

Is the Code Enough? Part 2

In our last post we highlighted codes around exhaust fan performance. In this post, we are going to look at kitchen ventilation, specifically range hoods.