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Motorized Damper

  • MD624: Motorized Damper


Air King’s MD624 motorized damper mounts inline with the ducting to Air King’s QFAM or FAS fresh air intake units. The lead wires from the motorized damper connect to the included transformer that easily plugs into the receptacle inside the units. The single blade damper with an internal gasket tightly closes off ducting to minimize air leakage. When the QFAM/FAS is energized, the damper automatically opens, then tightly closes when the main unit shuts off. The transformer and lead wires are included with the unit. An Air King model QMDB (sold separately) is required for connection to QFAM models.

  • Automatically opens when the QFAMD or F130D is operating
  • Tight sealing damper minimizes any air leakage
  • Easily mounts inline with QFAMD or F130D unit
  • Transformer and lead wire included
  • Connection to QFAMD requires model QMDB (sold separately)

Why do I need a motorized damper?

A fresh air intake unit functions differently than an exhaust fan in that air is coming into the home rather than going out. Because of that, traditional backdraft dampers used on exhaust fans will not work as they would block off the air that you are trying to bring in. That is where a motorized damper comes into play. When a fresh air unit is not operating, you basically have a 6 inch path for outside air to penetrate into the home. A motorized damper seals that opening and prevents unwanted air from getting into the home.

Models MD624
Specification Sheet Download MD624
Construction Galvanized Steel
Damper Single blade with internal gasket
Lead Wires 22 AWG, 12 inches
Connections 24 volt transformer
Use With QFAMD, F130D
Power 24VAC, 60hz, 6 watts
Dimensions Motorized Damper

What is included with the unit?

Motorized Damper with internal gasket

24 volt transformer

User manual

Suggested Accessories (available separately)

QMDB Motorized Damper Relay Box

Allows the MD624 to be plugged into an Air King QFAMD
Includes required wire harness
Download Instructions

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