AirKing Lasko B-Air Blue-dri
9155 Window Fan
Window Fan Storm Guard
9155 Window Fan
Window Fan
Powerful window fan
Multi use window fan
9155 Window Fan
Window Fan Storm Guard
9155 Window Fan
Window Fan
Powerful window fan
Multi use window fan

Window Fans

  • 9166F - 20" Whole House Window Fan
  • 9155 - Window Fan

Air King window fans can bring fresh air in or exhaust stale air out of residential settings and are powerful enough for light commercial use. The Air King window fans feature a powerful and durable motor that provides the needed amount of air movement. The fan can be set for intake or exhaust and mounts into most standard windows. The special Storm Guard mounting system allows the fan to be installed in front of the window so that in bad weather the window can be closed behind the fan without having to remove it. Constructed of impact resistant plastic housing with powder coated metal grills. ETL listed and complies with OSHA requirements. Air King window fans are available in two sizes to meet your air movement needs.

Available Only in United States


9166F: 3-speed, 1/6 HP, 120 volt, 1 phase, totally enclosed, ball bearing, permanently lubricated, permanent split capacitor.

9155: 3-speed, 1/16 HP, 120 volt, 1 phase, ball bearing, permanently lubricated, permanent split capacitor.

Controls: Front mounted rotary switch.

Power Cord 9166F: Black, 9 foot, 3-conductor, SPT-2-R type.

Power Cord 9155: White, 6 foot, 3-conductor, SJT type.

Construction 9166F: Impact resistant plastic housing, powder coated steel front grill and blade.

Construction 9155: High impact styrene housing, ABS plastic blade, and metal front grill.

Compliance: ETL, OSHA.

What is the Storm Guard® System?
Traditional window fans are held in place by closing the window down onto the fan. While this is effective, if you ever need to close the window, you have to physically remove the fan from the window.

Air King’s Storm Guard® System feature enables the window to be closed behind the fan during inclement weather, or when securing the home.
Air King Storm Guard


This product meets the Made in America requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act as a manufactured Good. To download the Guidance PDF

All fans are tested in accordance with AMCA standard 230-99.

Window Fans
Models 9166F 9155
Spec Sheet 9166F 9155
Blade Size 20″ 16″
CFM (High/Med/Low) 3560 / 3120 / 2510 2470 / 1700 / 1360
RPM (High/Med/Low) 1600 / 1450 / 1100 1370 / 1140 / 855
AMPS (High/Med/Low) 1.4 / 1.2 / 1.0 0.8 / 0.6 / 0.5
Watts (High/Med/Low) 170 / 145 / 115 90 / 65 / 52
dB (High/Med/Low) 64 / 57 / 50 64 / 50 / 47
Required Window Size 27″ to 38 x 26.25″H 26.5″ to 34.5″ x 22″H
Ability to close window behind fan Yes Yes
Weight (lbs.) 36.6 15.0
Cube (feet) 5.42 3.21
Dimensions (Width/Depth/Height) 26.75″ x 11.25″ x 26.25″ 26.5″ x 8.25″ x 22″

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What is included with the unit?

Assembled window fan with storm guard slider panels

Mounting hardware

User Manual

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